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Monday 20–Friday 24 April

AA Weekly

Term 3 School Forum, 1pm BST, Monday 20 April

As we virtually re-open our doors for Term 3 this week, AA Director Eva Franch invites all students and staff to join her in the AA Lecture Hall Team at 1pm BST on Monday 20 April to discuss the current position of the school, the challenges that we collectively face and the exciting opportunities that lie ahead. We invite all students and staff to respond to this questionnaire before the meeting to raise questions and comments to be discussed at the forum. For more information, visit What’s On.

Online Registration

As we commence Term 3 of the 2019-20 academic year the termly registration process is required for all students and will take place through online platforms on Monday 20 April. We look forward to welcoming all students from various locations across the globe and to the concluding activities of this academic year. Register online

AA Files:


From hybrid bodies to hybrid landscapes, Matthew Gandy, Mario Carpo and Marina Otero Verzier reflect on complexity as the hallmark of contemporary life. Their articles challenge the agency of architectural knowledge in a condition where boundaries are increasingly blurred, yet more powerful than ever, and constant digital connection coexists with physical seclusion. Read now

Expanding Horizons

AA Earth Day

Global Forums, 6pm BST, Wednesday 22 April
On the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, the AA launches an open call for submissions of drawings that depict the earth today. At a time when we are physically separated and digitally connected, how can we image the Earth as a way of better understanding our identity and relationship to one another? Find out more


Graduation and Projects Review 2020

6pm BST, Friday 24 April
All graduating students are invited to join us for a meeting to openly discuss possible scenarios and proposals for the 2020 Projects Review exhibition and Graduation. Find out more

Coming Soon
Online Counselling Sessions

In addition to individual counselling sessions, Chartered Clinical Psychologist Ana Ribeiro, who runs the AA Student Care Centre, will hold weekly online group sessions on mental health and wellbeing. The sessions will cover topics such as stress, insomnia and procrastination, and will provide students with techniques for cultivating focus and coping with challenges. Find out more

AA Hardship Fund

The deadline for students to apply for financial support from the AA Hardship Fund for Term 3 is Friday 24 April. The fund has been created to provide financial assistance to registered students who find themselves in temporary financial difficulty as a result of COVID-19, and who might not otherwise be able to continue their studies at the AA. Find out more

A Virtual Gathering Place for the AA

6pm BST, Monday 20 April
Are you missing the chance encounter in the corridor, the spontaneous conversation after a lecture or the casual meeting at the bar? Since digital band-aids cannot replace these spaces, Diploma 2: The Civic Programme led by Fredrik Hellberg and Lara Lesmes have created SQUAARE, a testing ground that goes beyond the 2D video call to host a discussion around what a virtual gathering place for the AA can be. Find out more


Bursary Application Forms

Eligible students can now sign up for a bursary application form by emailing Completed applications must be returned by Friday 15 May. Sign up for an application form


In the spirit of extending lines of communication between members of the wider AA community AALAWuN has been compiling and publishing daily observations from lockdown, received from students, friends and colleagues. Anybody is welcome to submit a contribution to LAWuNline.

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