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Monday 20–Friday 24 April

AA Weekly

As Term 3 begins online at the AA, there are many individuals and families worldwide who currently find themselves in financial difficulty as a consequence of COVID-19. The AA has established a Hardship Fund to support students of the school who have been and continue to be financially affected by the current pandemic, and who might not be able to continue their studies without assistance. We are therefore launching an immediate appeal for this purpose, and hope that friends and members of our community will help us to ensure that all our students are protected throughout this difficult period. Donations of all sizes are welcome. Donate now

A Virtual Gathering Place for the AA

6pm BST, Monday 20 April
Missing the chance encounter in the corridor, the spontaneous conversation after the lecture or the casual meeting at the bar? Though irreplaceable by digital band-aids, Diploma 2: The Civic Programme led by Fredrik Hellberg and Lara Lesmes have created SQUAARE, a testing ground that goes beyond the 2D video call in which to host the first discussion around what a Virtual Gathering Place for the AA should be. Find out more

AA Files:

<i>AA Files:</i><br><strong>Complexity</strong>

From hybrid bodies to hybrid landscapes, Matthew Gandy, Mario Carpo and Marina Otero Verzier reflect on complexity as the hallmark of contemporary life. Their articles challenge the agency of architectural knowledge in a condition where boundaries are increasingly blurred, yet more powerful than ever, and constant digital connection coexists with physical seclusion. Read now

Expanding Horizons:
AA Earth Day

6pm BST, Wednesday 22 April
On the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, the AA launches an open call for submissions of drawings that depict the earth today. At a time when we are physically separated and digitally connected, how can we image the Earth as a way of better understanding our identity and relationship to one another? Find out more


School Closure Details

The school premises, including the AA Bookshop and library remain closed until further announcement, pending UK government advice. More information


In the spirit of extending lines of communication between members of the wider AA community AALAWuN has been compiling and publishing daily observations from lockdown, received from students, friends and colleagues. Anybody is welcome to submit a contribution to LAWuNline.

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